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Shopping for Winter Outfits

Hi guys this is Ashish Ranjan. So winter is finally here. My favourite season. Today when I woke up in the morning I checked out my closet and I decided to buy some winter outfits. So I went to the Aashima mall that is build on the Hoshangabad road in Bhopal. I entered the mall and I saw a showroom of Flying machine.
I have bought a shirt earlier from flying machine itself and it was really good. So I was expecting very much from it this time too. As soon as I entered I was mesmerised by the collection they had. There were a bunch of jackets and sweaters of very fine quality. They had different textures and colours in them.
I wished I Could buy the entire pack but I had to buy only one. As I was wandering with my eyes wide open I saw something that was really cool. A jacket. And I selected my size and went for it.
It was awesome today. I would surely and highly recommend people to go for the flying machine winter collection. And I promise you that they'll never let you down.

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We decided to chill in the evening in Capital mall

Hi guys this is Ashish Ranjan back again with another blog. Today I was with Vipul again. We decided to chill in the evening so we went on to the hoshangabad road. One of the busiest roads in Bhopal. As we were moving we saw a Shopping mall called as Capital mall. It is also called as C21 mall by some local people residing by.
It was a beautiful mall. The exterior was very catchy. We went inside and what we saw was unexpected. Most of the area was empty. Like we expected a lot of shops but a lot of the shops were shut which means that it was good for any business shops if anyone wanted it to be opened. The interior was also breath taking. The lights and lamps inside were glittering.
With a light shade which was making the atmosphere really gorgeous. The crowd was good but that would definitely increase with the increase in shops there. Altogether it was a great experience for us. Thankyou :)

Two best friend at a bar

Hi guys I am Ashish Ranjan back again but this time we are going to do some different adventure. Something that is astonishingly taking over. Today I was with my friend Vipul. It was 2 in the afternoon when we decided to hangout. So we buttoned up and went straight to 10 number in Bhopal, a market place famous for a variety of things. As we were walking on the street I found something that was blistering in the noon itself.
The three letters put together in bold arranged as BAR. I sneaked in and took a glimpse of it. Everything was dark inside. We decided to enter. Obviously a bit of hesitation was there but that wasn't enough to take over the desire to see some new stuff. As we entered I saw a dark atmosphere with some dim lights that was already taking over.

We sat and ordered two mugs of drought beer with a bunch of cigarettes. While everything was being prepared I saw people sitting and drinking. Our order was here finally. And we started drinking. I took a sip from the mug. O…

Patna Street photography:During Diwali

Hi guys this is Ashish Ranjan back again with Patna street photography. So, it was Diwali, the Festival of Lights and one of the most lively festival happening every year in the inception  of winters. I went on the local market of Patna and that was ultimately crowded by the people buying a variety of stuffs. I saw different categories of lamps, crackers, sweets, clothing that were available for the selling purpose.

At night in the darkness we can see the sky filled with colours with different crackers blowing up. It is really something that one would really admire. In the end it was a tremendous day here in Patna.

Bhopal street photography:From Bhojtal

Hello guys,
On good day we went to new market for doing some purchasing and then took a detour to lake view (bhojtal) in bhopal.
We found that the lake view is an extremely soothing place for one to visit as the feeling of being surrounded by nature can be truely experienced. We also were able to see the efforts of people of bhopal who try to keep the place clean and beautiful and also the marvelous work done by Raja Bhoj to fulfill the need of water of his people (i.e. Bhojtal talab), its truely wonderful.
We did some research over it and found that nearly 40% of the population of bhopal is surviving with help of this lake i.e., providing with 1,40,000,000 litres of water per day.
Bada Talaab + Chhota Talaab = Bhoj Wetland aka Ramsar site.
A huge statue of Raja Bhoj, standing with sword which can be seen in the video on a pillar on one corner of the lake was built to cement the name of Bhopal as the city of lakes.
Also on other side of the VIP road ( the road we were on), there'…


Hi guys I am Ashish Ranjan. I am from Patna. I came to this beautiful place called Bhopal to admire its beauty. Today I am with my friends Shivank And vipul. We are here with the beast of all, KTM Duke 200. This will be our whip for today to drive on the roads of Bhopal. This place is so fascinating. Also with all the greenery and stuff Bhopal bags the 2nd most cleanest city in India. Today we are on a road named hoshangabad road One of the most lively roads with bunch of traffic because it connects maximum places here. We got to see many different sites here on our ride. It was an amazing day here with lots of wandering around.

Hill station in the Jharkhand- travelling by train

One day, I was travelling from Patna to Ranchi by train. As soon as my train entered in Jharkhand,then I see moutains and forests. I shot some pictures in my camera, I am going to share with you.